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Customizing Your Website Colors

In this article you can learn how to customize your website colors:

  1. In the Editor, click on Design.
  2. Click on the Colors tab (next to Fonts), scroll through the various options and select your preferred color palette. 
  3. For more specific settings, click the Custom Colors button at the bottom.

These are the sections you can customize:

  • Main Color, and Button Text ColorChoose your Main Website Color to be used in buttons, links, and other essential sections of the site. You can also change the text color of buttons that use the main color setting.

  • Menu ColorsYou can set the colors for the menu, menu text, menu text on hover, menu border, and page separation line.

  • Homepage Colors - You can set the "shape background" color if you have a shape divider on your homepage. You can also set the background color and the text main color.

  • Main Page, Second Page and Internal Page ColorsYou can pick the background, text, item background, and item text color for all the main and secondary pages, as well as for all the pages when they are not shown on the Homepage (inner pages).

  • Footer Colors - You can set the footer background color and the footer text color.

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