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Changing Your Website Type

Choosing your website's type is important and helps you decide how your users will navigate in your website.
With A "Multi-page" Website, every page will be shown separately. When clicking on a link from the menu, the user will be redirected to each page. With a "Single Page" Website, all pages will be displayed on the same page, so when clicking on a link from the menu, the browser will scroll down to the relevant part of the page.

To choose between "Single Page" and "Multi-page" website type:

  1. In the Editor, click on Settings.
  2. Select Website Type
  3. Choose between Single Page or Multi-page website type.

Please Note:

  • A Multi-page website is suitable for big websites that have a lot of pages, like E-commerce or a Blog.
  • A Single Page website is suitable for business websites or any small website that wants to provide concise information without a lot of text. 

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