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3 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs a Blog?

See how blogging on your company website can help your business.

If you are running your company website, sooner or later you have probably received the advice that you need to start a blog. You may be considering it, but are unsure if it is a worthwhile use of your time. The fact is that blogging can be a very effective tool in promoting your business and defining your brand.


3 Reasons Why Your Company Website Needs a Blog?

A launchpad to your success

Think of your company website as a rocket with a potential destination in mind. Whether that goal is doubling your sales or expanding into an emerging market, your blog acts as a launchpad to get your business to its intended result. No matter what industry you are in, you are possessed of expertise. You have product knowledge that others are looking for, and this can make your products more attractive and give your business credibility. Many business owners miss out on this chance to connect with an audience of interested customers. Whether it is just clarifying misconceptions about your product or pointing out how it can be used in new and wonderful ways, your blog is a golden opportunity to increase your standing in your industry and even position yourself as a thought leader in your business sector.
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What does having a blog do for my business?

Do you want a website that consistently figures highly in search engine results pertaining to your products? Your blog may just be the answer that you are looking for. These days, search engine algorithms are favoring websites that provide a stream of updates and fresh content, relegating those websites that never change to increasing irrelevance. Your blog is not only a forum to keep your customers informed about your products, but also a place to share the kind of content that will make search engines privilege your site over more static competitors. Every post is bound to organically incorporate keywords that relate to your business without making them sound forced, and this ensures that when your customers search for these keywords you will figure prominently in the results.

Blogging vs social media

If you are already active on social media, do you still need a blog? The answer is clearly yes. Social media is invaluable, but it is not the same as having a social platform that you own and operate yourself. Your blog is more than just a soapbox, it is the only place on the internet where you will be able to promote your business without worrying about complying with the ever-changing policies and terms of service of another business. Social media websites that were formerly the most popular sites of the internet have rapidly become virtual ghost towns, and your own blog is immune to these particular catastrophes. It is a place where you will always have a voice so long as the internet exists.


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