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2 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog Website

For any company, a properly constructed blog does offer a range of key benefits.

It’s not so many years ago that no-one had ever even heard of a blog. Now, it seems that every business, and many individuals, seem to feel they can’t function without one!

For any company, a properly constructed blog does offer a range of key benefits. Before we assess these, let’s examine one key reason that should never be accepted: “We blog because we have to”.

If this is the starting point, the finished article is likely to be uninteresting, even boring, lackluster and rarely updated. Each of these points will harm a company more than simply having a blog website could ever benefit it.


2 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog Website

1.  The external benefits offered by a quality blog

Obviously, and a key reason why many blogs first see the light of a computer screen is to help with the SEO results, and therefore improve Google ranking by providing both fresh and regularly updated content. This can be a valuable tool, using the search phrases within the copy brings visitors to your blogs and business website. The terrific Blogging Platform facility that you’ll find here at SITE123 offers a terrific resource for effective blog website creation and updating. People have arrived at your blog, not only from Google searches and the like but also from other social media sources. This is the point at which your blog platform starts to truly earn its spurs and be of great value to your business. It should be interesting, lively, and engaging, enthuse and inform the visitor. Achieving this makes them keen to keep in contact with it, but also helps you move them eagerly onwards into your website and to build a productive relationship with them. An effective blog also expands your prospect base, once again through the use of social media. You can post part of it on your Facebook page with a link to read the remainder. You can tweet a link when each updated blog is published. This is the point where, if it’s a quality product, it can take on a life of its own. Enthusiasts can pass the link to their friends, add welcome thoughts on Facebook, retweet the link with a positive comment, and so on. This could be said to be the 21st-century version of good old word-of-mouth!
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2.  The internal benefits offered by a quality blog

Within a business, much can also be gained by the commitment to a regularly updated blog platform. The need to find material means those responsible for creating it are spending time considering your products or services and how they can be promoted through the use of a blog. New ideas can come to the surface, traditional thinking be updated, new procedures carefully thought through. This is why many companies encourage all members of their team to be contributors. By doing so, enthusiasm levels can be raised, or even rekindled, within the one or two members who might often feel overlooked or ignored. Time spent creating and updating a company blog is never wasted, providing it is undertaken with enthusiasm and commitment. The terrific news is that, out there, are a horde of people you have never met who are ready to find your writings interesting and your company worth investigating!


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